Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twirled Easels

It's been a while since I made a quilled card. I have my first workshop of the year coming up and it's a tri-shutter card (like this). I wanted to make another "non-standard" shape card as a sample to show the class for a future class. I've been meaning to make an easel card for over a year.

Well, I put 1 & 1 together and made a paper quilled easel card so that I could combine the Paper Twirlies challenge with my experimental easel card!  Must be Spring: it seems everything is just coming together. The Southern Ontario Animal Rescue has a new person in charge of newsletters, the Paper Twirlies Team on Etsy is firing up for its first team challenge and there is actually daylight in the sky when I leave work. (Yahoo!)

The paper twirlies challenge is "Spring Wake Up". Well, there are two things I do religiously every morning: brush my teeth and set the kettle for tea!  Now, I have done quilled cups of steam before.  I really wanted to do something different this time.  I tried to make a percolator so that it would go with my planned sentiment.  That failed.  Big time.  So... here's my tea cup.  The "new" part is the type of card:

This is an easel card.  It stands up on its own.  The message on the inside props up the outside of the card.  Your sentiment is written higher up on the inside so that, in "display mode", your message is privately tucked away.  I also tried to make this card outside my norm by choosing a really bright paper.  I tend to use neutrals and muted colours as I strive for calmness and elegance.  This one is a little more lively and whimsical.  (Too bad the percolator idea failed.  It would have suited the sentiment more.)

I wish I had started making easel cards earlier!  I made one for my iCraft shop too.  I contacted the new SOAR newsletter gal and mentioned that I sell cards with some proceeds going to SOAR. She said she would include a snippet about it for the members in a future mailing. So my next easel card has a quilled dog with some proceeds going to SOAR:

Here's a picture of how it stands propped up:

These are quite fun!  Hooray for challenges to kick start your mojo!

And just for fun for you, here's my failed percolator.

Isn't it sad?  All lumpy and empty and lopsided.  Doesn't look very appealing to drink at all!


  1. Isn't it interesting how certain techniques come and go, and then return later? I found my old quilling supplies the other day, and was thinking about doing something with them. Your card is lovely!

  2. Really great! I wanna have those or will try making one. Thanks for sharing.


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