Sunday, January 19, 2020

Crocheted Christmas!

I am definitely one of the crazed Baby Yoda fans sweeping the internet. We have really enjoyed the first season of The Mandalorian on Disney+ and we are looking forward to the second season! My sister made me a couple crocheted dolls of the Yoda-esque youngster for Christmas. She used a combination of doll ideas to build her Baby Yoda.

She did make this one with the baby's signature brown robe, but she also made me a Santa outfit to dress him seasonally.

Isn't he cute! In this picture, his hat pushes his hears down a little. Normally, they stick out more, like the character's. And, since I couldn't decide what shade of green to make him, I also got one made in this very soft green gray yarn:

Since this one is a soft yarn, the ears are floppy. He is adorable! I like the embroidery floss around the eyes better than the thicker ones.

These guys stand about 13-13.5 inches. Here's the small version, which is more like 8 inches.
The yard around this one's eyes is split to make it thinner too, like the floss version. My husband favours the dark-side, so my sister made a dual-ended light saber for this doll. He's currently at the office on display for the week.

Handmade Holidays are the best!