Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Floating Element Aperture Card - Winter Birthday

I needed to make my mother-in-law a birthday card. I saw a tutorial by Mixed Up Craft. In her spinner version tutorial (that I linked), she links back to her floating element tutorial. I don't like square cards, so I made the 5 x 7 version but used the popped up sentiment bit from the spinner version.

It's basically a twist on a regular shadow box card. Instead of putting the aperture on a flat side of the box, you put it on the corner. That allows you to use acetate to "pop out" of the aperture and to have the sentiment to the same with a very clever "bridge" piece behind it.
You end up with this clever diamond shaped card that folds perfectly flat for mailing. Love it! I've already figured out the dimensions for an A2 version too.
I used my Nuvo Embellishment mousse on some cardstock and then cut the snowflakes out. I wanted to add just a touch of shine. The gifts are made from paper scraps. I love using my scraps to make gift boxes for cards. It works for birthdays and Christmas!

I think I will be making more of these! I think I will go ahead and figure out the dimensions for a landscape version of both sizes. The A7 will have to be constructed out of a front and back piece but the A2 can fit on a single piece of paper. To be honest, now that I think about it, I think a two piece construction might be simpler anyway, so it's easier to figure out what outside and inside areas need paper!

So many possibilities with this design!  I hope you are inspired too!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Hugs Fox (Husky)

I wanted to make an uplifting card for my husband. I always check out fox stamps for the potential to turn them into our husky dog. It has to have the right nose markings.

This one comes from the Woodland Cuties set by Your Next Stamp.
I have a couple of mini leaf punches, so I punched out a pile of leaves to put her in. The tree is actually just a branch die, but it fit my card as a bare fall tree.

I coloured my husky with a selection of Copic Markers in toner greys. It was a hit and brought my husband a smile. I made a more girly version for my mother-in-law. It's the exact same layout but I varied the patterned paper and the mat colour for a more feminine touch.