Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shutter Card Workshop 2011

For my Creative Crew, the first workshop of 2011 has arrived!  Next weekend, on March the 26th, we will be learning how to make the Shutter Card.

There are several ways you can fold the inner parts of these cards.  I have always done it the same way: with a T-shape in the front and back.  I think it looks more complicated, and therefore COOL, that way.  You can, however, fold it more like a gate fold card with an accordian in the middle.  I think that way leaves less room for writing though.

It's a girly theme for this class!  Flowers with a golden metallic paper and the sentiment: For You.

Let's get in to the details!
  • Check your emails for pricing.  $5 from every workshop fee will be donated to SOAR.
  • As always, there will be a kit version available which makes the exact card pictured here.

If making this card from scratch with your own supplies, you will need:
  • one piece of cardstock 5.5 by 12 inches
  • one piece of patterned paper 6 by 8.25 inches
  • one piece of co-ordinating patterned paper 3 by 8 inches
  • Embellishments
  • Sentiment (optional)
  • Adhesive

Recommended Supplies For Everyone:
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder
  • Xacto Knife (if you have one you are particularly proficient with)
  • Scoreboard, if you have one
  • Small cutter (good for the little strips)
  • Inks if you like inking edges 
  • Bling, if you like adding bling
  • Any other neato tools you enjoy (sanding, distressing, piercing...)

Don't forget the Raffle!  100% of Raffle Ticket proceeds will go to SOAR.  Raffle tickets are $5.00.  The main raffle prize is the Colour Me sample pack (in 12 x 12) made by Hot Off the Press!

Click the picture for a video (the link is for the 8.5 x 11 version but I have the 12 x 12).

Hope to see you this Spring!  (Today is the first day of Spring - Hooray!)

UPDATE: My creative crew and I generated $40 to donate to the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue!
For those of you who want to create at home, here's an instructional video on this card: Tri-Shutter Card


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  2. That is an amazing looking card. Can't wait to learn how to make it.

  3. What a pretty card! I like that folding technique better than the gate fold I've seen!


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