Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Butterflies (with poem)

My birthday was this past week. I didn't really have a list to give anyone, save for my husband. (I got a new paper cutter so I've been working it out.) My mother-in-law is one of my frequent class participants (and also a great advertiser for me!). Since working with me, she has been making cards for every occasion that she can.

This is the card she made me for my birthday. I like the flow on the front and the tucking of the ribbon under the paper.

If you look closely, the dimensional butterflies also have glitter on them.

She wrote me a lovely poem on the inside. She comes up with a lot great card sentiments!  Here's what mine says:
Have a very happy birthday
And remember when it's past
Hope each new day in every way
Is nicer than the last!

I'm proud and honoured to get this card!

Now, a little order of business.  I have been busy changing the face of my blog and my shops.  I have new banners and avatars and new business cards.  As I learn more, a few more tweaks may be coming to the blog.  (Please bear with me!)   The first order of business, though, is a new URL.  Over the next few days, my blog will be moved to a new address: and no longer  What does that mean for you?  Nothing!  The old address will automatically point to the new one.  So, you can update your bookmarks if you wish, but you don't really have to.


  1. Found you on the etsy blog team . . . what a sweet friend, and sweet card! It looks so cheery!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, darling! Very pretty card and cute poem! ^.^


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