Friday, December 31, 2010

Flight of the Fairies

I am excited about my latest custom order.  I have been extremely fortunate to land one big custom order per year and this one will be 2011’s.  This order is special to me because the card chosen is a fairy birthday card that features my own original fairy die cut.  The only problem is that I don’t carry enough supplies to make many duplicates of the same card.  I actually bore easily of repeat papers.  Normally, that trait works out well for handmade items!  There are rarely more than ten of any design I make with most designs not surpassing six.  This time, though, I need to make a hundred!

Here is the original card that sparked the order:
While I bore quickly of the same paper patterns, I do like to reuse layouts.  Even when I scrapbook, I go back through my pages and will repeat a layout I had that I especially liked.  By varying the colours (and sometimes the page elements), I can get what I think is an equally pleasing yet different design.  So, that’s the solution for this custom order.  Fae, fae, everywhere in different colours and patterns so fair!  Using the same design in many colours makes this project 10 times more interesting for me!

Here are some examples of varying colour schemes (click for larger views):
Grey Spotlight

Urban Garden

Grey Oppulence

Whilst cleaning up my studio, I’ve realized that I tend to buy papers in sets of two or four.  (Surely, this is a scrapbooker’s habit!)  With only 2 to 4 pages of any one design, that means A LOT of combinations to make 100 cards!  I do have a lot of paper though.  I pulled enough paper from my stash to fill half the order and I ran out and bought some papers from a line I've been itching to try for the rest!

Naming these fae cards has also been fun!

Teal Treasure

 Fireside Fairy

I have to admit, I jealousy hoard some of the papers.  I hang on to the ones I find especially pleasing thinking that I will use it only when that *perfect* project comes along that just *deserves* this paper.  Well, this holiday, I have been re-arranging the studio for better workflow.  (I mean, I have an entire room for my stuff but the space I have clear on my desk to work in is only 1 square foot!)  So, while reviewing my goodies and finding more suitable homes for them in my room, I have also taken a hard look at the protected stash.  I have chosen to part with some of my favourite papers just for this project.
Here’s one of them:
Linen Closet

I just love the main paper on this card.  It has a very fine and delicate look to it with a hint of innocence.  Nonetheless, its time has come!  This paper will fly away with the next contingent of fae by the end of January.  Everybody wave good-bye!


  1. Congrats on the huge order, wow. Great variations of your original wondrous design - my favorite is the Teal Treasure.

  2. Beautiful design! ..and how nice to get such a big order! Good luck with getting them all done, and continued success for 2011!


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