Friday, January 30, 2015

Use Your Scraps: Inlaid Embossing

It's no secret that I have loads of scrapbook paper scraps (and cardstock too!). I've shown a few ways to use up scraps before but I found another: Inlaid Embossing.  I don't know if the technique is called that but that's what I call it!

Here's what it looks like, using a Valentine's card theme:

Basically, you take some cardstock die cuts or punched out shapes, scatter them on your card front, and then emboss a design over the whole piece.  The embossing squishes the die cuts to the card (though you do need to glue or tape them on first). Because the embossed pattern is all over, it unifies the piece!

Here's a variation with hearts.

I really like my chevron embossing folder best for this technique.

Here's a variation with butterflies.

You can do it with patterned paper scraps also, but it can get tricky with a pattern on a pattern (the paper versus the embossing folder). Play around. If you don't like the result, what the heck - they were scraps anyway!! Here's how mine turned out:

This technique is quite easy yet comes out so visually effective. I love my embossing folders! I especially like the 5 x 7 ones. I'd like to get my hands on some of the 6 x 6 ones, but no luck yet.

For a recap of the other Use Your Scraps techniques I've already covered, those include:

Ribbon Flags
Patchwork Mats

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Purple Scrapbook Mini Album from Envelopes

Continuing on my mini album kick, I made this one about a month ago. I was experimenting with the envelope albums when I learned that my long-time co-worker friend had decided to move to the Maritimes. So, I wanted to make her a keepsake that she could fill with things that make her smile.

I had to put it together quick because I was going to be away (for work) during her last week at the office. I was sad to know that I would not be there on the last day for her send off and to be among everyone gathering to share memories and swap stories.

Anyway, here's the album cover. I apologize for the poor picture quality. They are screenshots from the video walkthrough because I finished this album the night before I had to give it away.

I made the pages using paper instead of cardstock. I made the envelopes using a good quality 32lb paper to see how well it would stand up. It is definitely better than regular envelopes but certainly not as heavy as the 65lb cardstock from Michaels Craft Store. I did like how easily the parts folded and the overlap ridges are less thick than with cardstock.

I used a garden theme in this album because my friend likes to garden and she loves the colour purple. So, green and purple are the main colours and the rest are neutrals: brown and grey. I was going for a fairly earthy/natural feel.

You can see this envelope mini album better in the video on my Vimeo channel, (although I filmed it quickly and at night so it isn't totally top notch itself, but you'll get the idea!).