Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Dragon Buddies

My paper quilled dragons are my favourite creations.  (I still have the prototype on my shelf in my studio.)  Over the years, I have gathered advice about my art and some tips I gleaned from all over the web just reading.  Someone once told me that these dragons would make fantastic mobiles.  I thought that was a fantastic idea – especially for boys’ rooms.  I have three nephews and sometimes I get tired of robots and vehicles.  (They are venturing into weapons now, but have not yet hit the sports stage!)

Well, I haven’t figured out how to make a mobile yet, but I did make something for a boy’s room!  I was inspired to sit down and finally put this thing together when I saw this framed alphabet art made with polymer clay by Subtle Details.  Isn’t it darling?  It’s called “Sing with Me”.  I’ve been a long-time fan of polymer clay and this artist has such a clean and elegant style. If you click the picture below, you'll also see what she made for her little boy's name!

If you would like to see what I made… read on!

Introducing, paper quilled dragon monogram shadow boxes!  I used a big “D” for this one.  I will eventually make some other letters, but I wanted to start with D is for Dragon.

I love that I can pick any colour I want and it’s just cardstock.  There’s no struggling to match patterns of paper.  Somehow, though, I am always surprised how long it takes to make one of these.  (The spine is especially finicky!)

10% of the sale of this one will go to SOAR

I was so bolstered by this success that I decided to try out some other paper home d├ęcor ideas.  One of the girls at work is getting married, so I made her a photo display.  I first made a shadow box for myself as a tester with the Stampin’ Up! word stamp I used here.  I antiqued the papers with ink and used my own die cut flowers.  This one is just an 8 x 10 photo display, not a shadow box.  (I had trouble squishing the pearls under the glass.)

I’m giving it to her today (along with a monetary gift).  I hope she likes it!


  1. What a lovely and thoughtful gift you gave your friend! The little dragon is adorable, too. It looks like it takes a while to make.

  2. Both projects are just beautiful! I love the idea of framing these beautiful works that you do. Great keepsakes, and beautiful art!


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