Friday, April 10, 2015

Mosaic Birthday Cards

I found another way to use up scraps! I previously wallpapered some background mats into patchwork backgrounds. I saw a new background tutorial (by Gina K. Designs on Stamp TV) where there was a randomly created geometric pattern and space between the scraps. I decided to try it out and I really like how it looks! In fact, I made several!

I have two to show you today. For the first one, I used brown as a neutral colour and accented it with red.

I thought it had a masculine look. For whatever strange reason, it makes me think of corduroy! Anyway, the balloons are actually Christmas ornament dies turned upside down! I used crochet thread for the strings, which I tucked into a slit in the sentiment. (Sentiment stamp by Close to My Heart.)

I made a couple for some male birthdays that snuck on me. Since I liked how those turned out, I decided to delve in to my black and white scraps again and accented with different colours. This one is the red again, so you can see the contrast from the brown:
I'm so happy I have yet another way to use up scraps. This method calls for some very little scraps, so I still have enough paper to last a lifetime, but every little way to use it helps!

Which do you like better?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Triple Stamping Card

This technique is not new. It has just taken me a while to give it a go! Sometimes referred to Triple Time Stamping, this technique creates a continuous pattern across multiple layers of paper. I will be using this technique for my next card class.

Here's a look at one of the cards my creative crew and I will be making. This one uses a Stampin' Up! doilies stamp set, plus one I got at Michaels Craft Store.

I find the technique works best with a LARGE image stamp. I have a few, but they are all pretty girly - doilies, flowers and butterflies. With this card, I possibly could have stamped fewer images. Once I layered in the coloured cardstock, it started to look a little crowded. Good thing I had a nice and small sentiment to use!

This card would work just as well with gears for guys (which I have, woot!), or butterflies or dragonflies. The panels don't even have to be centred or rectangular. You can layer them up however you like. I haven't designed the other cards for the class yet. I think I will try a spotlighting technique for one of them. Not sure what I mean by that? Guess you'll have to wait to find out!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby Boy Scrapbook Mini Album 2015

Here's the latest of my custom made scrapbook mini albums. This one features another blue and green theme. On the cover are many of my own die cut designs and my best version of a baby peeking out from behind a birthday present. A designed a new die cut: a onsie. I made all the shapes on the cover, except for the tag, which is an Accucut Craft die, and the baby bottle, which is a Quickutz die.

On the cupcake page, I really liked how the hearts turned out. They are actually hidden tags - as you can see on the far right, where I pulled it up a big for the picture. They slide behind the cupcakes and the bottom of the hand stamped heart 'clips' them on.

I used a damask embossing folder on this page along the top and bottom border. It's a 5x7 folder, so it was wide enough to cover the near 6.5 inch width of the page mat. I used a pearlescent paper, so it looks really lovely in the light. (You can see it better in the video.)

I devised a ribbon binding technique for this album. It truly helped the pages to lay flat! I will use this technique some more with different ribbons and see how it goes. It did make assembly of the cover a little difficult, but the end result was quite worth it in my book!

You can watch the video of this ** baby boy scrapbook ** on my Vimeo channel.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Scrapbook Album

I finally finished this mini album! This one is a custom theme. The baby was dressed as a sailor and the party was ocean creature themed. So, I took pen to paper and drew some ocean creatures. Then I scanned them to my computer and created electronic die cuts out of them (.svg files). (Link to video walk-through at end!)

I also used some party themed die cuts like party hats and balloons as well as my hand made wrapped gifts. The balloons on the cover are actually Christmas ornaments turned upside down!

I used a swing tag on this page. The seahorse and the gift move out of the way so that the top flap can open. I also used some 'paper paper clips'. I made the tags so that they could clip on to something. (You can see the rosette one on the page facing the seahorse. That tag slides out.)

My favourite die cuts that I made are the seahorse, the whale and the octopus. Here's the whale:

On the facing page to this whale, you can see the dolphin tag is holding shut two flip-open-sideways photo mats.

I also designed a little onsie die cut for this album. This one I designed directly in Inkscape.

It was very hard to work on. It's the biggest I've done to date with pages 8.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide. With the external hinges, I had to assemble the pages first and then work on them. It was tough and I find the pages a little stiff.

To see the album live, hop on over to my Vimeo channel by this link: