Thursday, September 7, 2017

Photo Sizing for Mini Albums

Ever wonder what size is best for a mini? Some mini albums are really mini (even pocket mini), but some mini albums are not very mini. I think the expression of "mini album" originally meant anything smaller than a 12 x 12 inch album (or perhaps an 8.5 x 11-\ inch album). Lots of brands carry 6 x 6 inch and 8 x 8 inch albums.

Then, Project Life took hold and pocket scrapbooking became popular. 4 x 3 photos are all the rage because of it. Then Instax took off and now there are super mini albums.

Me, I like to work with the standard photo size that the average Joe would get from a photo printing place: 4 x 6. If I have a really nice picture, I might get it in a 5 x 7. So, those are my two basic sizes. From there, you can cut them in half or in quarters.

I show in this video what those sizes look like on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper. Many of us have home photo printers, so we can collage several photos in different sizes and print them together on one piece of 8.5 x 11 inch photo paper. My printer also allows me to put 4 x 6 inch paper or 5 x 7 inch paper in it too.

I also cover how to protect your photos in mini albums. One of the biggest deterrents to making mini albums (other than pocket page albums) is the lack of a photo sleeve to protect your pages. Well, I have a solution that will protect the most important part of your page: the photo. They are called Crystal Clear Photo Mounts and they are sold online by (I am not affiliated with them. I just really like their stuff.)

Head on over to my PHOTO SIZES video on my Vimeo Channel to get the full scoop!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Honeymoon Scrapbook Mini Album

Last Scrapfest, in Kitchener, I attended a mini album class where we assembled an album from a kit made from mostly Heartfelt Creations supplies. The base album, page assemblies, paper collection and stamps were from Heartfelt.

I only finished about 50% of the album in class. Since I finished the rest at home, I was able to swap out some papers for ones in my stash that I liked better. I also changed or added some embellishments.

You can see a full walk-through of this scrapbook mini album on my YouTube Channel. I also give my personal review of the album base (starting at the 8 minute mark).

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Flower Fairy in a Box Card

While I've been working with Shadow Box Card sizing lately, I still think the Card in a Box is my favourite type of 3D card. So, I returned to that style to make a birthday card for a friend.

The darling fairy is from A Day for Daisies. I just love the artist's line art, storybook style.

The other flowers are from a Kraftin Kimmie (a Canadian company) set and the sentiment is from C.C. Designs.

I coloured everything with my Copic and Letraset alcohol markers and used my Spectrum Noire sparkle brush on her wings.

I really like how it turned out, so I'd like to make some more in this style with a bunch of different colours.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Taught my first Shadow Box Card class!

Last post, I showed you the first shadow box card I ever made. That was experimentation to figure out the dimensions to use for a shadow box card class. In class, we made two "versions". Both cards are the same size and orientation. However, one has an inside full panel, like the anniversary card I made (except the anniversary card had 2 inside panels). One has a shaped "wall" inside, instead of a whole panel.

Here's the paneled one.
I was going to put a cupcake inside - and I may still make that variant, but when I was leafing through my stamps, I found my trusty monster. I really love this guy! Since he was holding a balloon, it went well with this card! I coloured him with my alcohol markers.

So, the balloons are out front, with their twine strings, the gifts are in the middle layer and the monster is in the back.
And, since it was July when we had the class, it was time to start on the holiday cards! So, here's the shadow box card I made with a partial wall, instead of a whole panel for the middle layer:
I also bought a cheapo paint brush to do the snow speckling more cleanly (for my fingers) than the toothbrush method.
I love the look of the silver glitter trees! You can see the hill in the middle is the half panel and the house was stamped, cut out, and placed on the back wall of the card.

I especially like that these fold flat for mailing!
Do you have a favourite type of 3D handmade card? What is it?