Monday, September 3, 2018

Wedding Card using a Card Sketch

This past July, a family friend got married. Since I was all over using my scraps and card sketches, I chose one to make a simple wedding card from.

This is Reverse Confetti sketch #20 with some measurements added by Kristie Marcotte:

I used it to make this:
I used papers I got from a 6x6 pad in the goody bag from ScrapFest Kitchener (Ontario, Canada). I also used flowers I had stamped for another project. I put a thin coat of Moonstone Nuvo Glimmer paste on them to make them all sparkly.
Since the background paper was a little busy, I black embossed the sentiment on a vellum strip to soften the pattern behind the word.

To be honest, this colour scheme gives me a bit of an 80`s vibe! 80`s things are coming back - especially in fashion right now. Not to worry - the Bride and Groom are both old enough to remember the 80`s!

I put a self-composed poem inside, printed on my computer. I hope they liked it! It`s a simple one, but still pretty, if I say so myself.

Monday, August 6, 2018

2 Patterned Paper Card Set Workshop (+ video)

4 ladies had a good time getting inspired and using up some paper stash! I posted my version of the 6 handmade cards I made with sketches in an earlier post. In this post, I'm showing you the cards that my creative crew made. They aren't completely finished. Some people were going to finish them up at home and maybe add something more from their stash.

I've linked my video walk-through of the set of cards I made with the original sketches to this post.

Here's Debbie's cards:

The bottom right card was embossed with falling stars and then glittered, but it didn't come out well in the photo. Debbie was able to use a lot of embellishments that were sitting in her stash to finish up these cards. I think it was quite productive!

These are Claire's cards:

Claire chose very bright and bold cards. Half are unfinished in this photo. Claire has a built a healthy stash at home that she can dig into to complete these cards.

Here are Bev's cards:

Bev was a completely new comer to the card making class. She was a little bit worried at the start but she was very proud of her results (with reason!). She was able to use a combination of my sister's stash and mine. Win win for everybody! (The card in the lower left is actually a very dark navy in the back with an embossed chevron pattern. It just didn't show up well in the photo.) Bev knows exactly who these cards are going to!

These are Lara's cards:

She had a bunch of different paper scraps she wanted to use up. She used the sketches but didn't use the 6 x 6 cutting guide. Here's a close up of the bear. She cut it out from an embossing folder and paper pieced his tummy:

Her last one wasn't all done yet either. She sent me a picture once she finished it at home:

We love that little monster!

You can refer to my original blog post to see the original versions of the sketch or, you can watch the video of the 2PP Card Set on my YouTube Channel  where I walk you through them, including some extras that I made, and show you the cutting guide I came up with. (You can pause on it to see.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Alcohol Ink Galaxy with Nuvo Embellishment Mousse

Here's the last video in my series of experiments with Nuvo Embellishment Mousse to create galaxy backgrounds. This is my favourite! I was thinking about how much I liked the splotchy-ness of the ink-smooshed galaxies I've seen others make with watercolours. Plus, the black ash Nuvo Mousse is actually a grey. I really wanted try a galaxy with a true black top coat.

However, when you use a water-based ink or paint beneath and a black water-based ink or paint above, it can re-activate the bottom layer and you get mud. Nuvo Mousse works on porous surfaces, but dries permanent. However, it makes the surface non-porous, so you can't put water-based inks or paints on top. There's the aha moment! Alcohol inks will work on non-porous surfaces. So, I decided to put black alcohol ink on top!

This is how it turned out. It looks so neat! The alcohol ink leaves a shiny finish, especially where it is thicker. It looks like the paper is still wet but it's not. In person, it looks almost like a photograph because of the glossy finish.

I haven't made any cards with this piece yet because I don't want to cut it up! I did buy a great rocket die in a set so that I could make things with my experimental galaxies. Perhaps, this piece will find it's way to the front of a card sometime.

Click through to my video on YouTube to see my process for making this background.

(I did try one other technique that I did not film: spritzing black ash mousse through a mini-mister. this created a soft but even cover of the grey mousse on the top layer. I prefer to see splotches of colour coming through more vibrantly in my galaxies.)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

2 Pattern Card Set with 6x6 paper

I've been watching videos by Kristi Marcotte on her 6x6 paper pad card making tutorials. I have never bought a 6x6 paper pad, but I've had some given to me. I have lots of 12x12 paper though. I have many sheets that I've cut into but still have enough left to cut down to 6x6.

So, I decided to do a mash up between what Kristi does and the One Sheet Wonder concept. Kristi uses card sketches and uses multiple patterns from the pad, which naturally fit well together. So, I chose some card sketches that Kristi has used, inspired by her makes, and I cut a pair of coordinating 12x12 scrap patterned papers to 6x6.

Then, I figured out the most efficient way to cut the paper to get the sketches I wanted out of them. (That's the One Sheet Wonder part.)

Here's what I ended up with:
There are 2 sketches here. The first two cards are the same sketch, one with each patterned paper. You could pair the patterned papers, rather than make the rest out of cardstock if you wanted to use up more paper. But I was trying to stick to my "efficient cut" method, so I didn't have enough paper to pair on that card. I still like how it looks with just cardstock to accompany the patterns.

The middle card in this bunch is a sketch. The other two are just what I did with the left-over skinny strips.

I really like how these turned out. Not only will I do this set again with different papers, I'm going to pick some more sketches and do another version!

What a great way to build a card stash quickly! I have video walkthrough of these cards that shows which sketches I used. (It will take me some time to get it posted though.)