Thursday, May 3, 2018

Bright Cheery Flowers Thank-You Card

I attended Scrapfest with some family and friends this April. (It was the freak ice-storm weekend. We only got to enjoy half of the event.) I had made little purse favours out of 12 x 6 thick, foiled, patterned cardstock. (I'll have to remember to post those sometime!)

As a thank-you for making the arrangements, driving, and gifting little handmade favours, I got this handmade thank-you card!

The layering of the die cuts is excellently done! The colour selection is bright, bold, and cheery! The cardstock matches the patterned paper perfectly!

I was very impressed and flattered to receive it. There's a nice computer typed message inside, matted with matching colours and decorated with some enamel dots. I love enamel dots. How flat they are is perfect for getting cards through the mail or even for putting on the insides of the cards as my friend did here.

Look how well composed this card is. Nice and full of visual interest! 

We got event goody bags too and, in there, we got an AlteNew layering stamp set. It looks suspiciously like this flower, so I wonder if my friend went and bought the matching die when we were at the event. I love die cuts because they have such perfectly clean edges but also give a small amount of tactile interest. My friend got a great deal on a Spellbinders Platinum 6 at the event and she's very pleased with it. You can see how pleased by the amount of die cuts on this card!

There were some other enclosures gifted in my card. I was surprised to get it! If anything, I should be thanking everyone else for letting me drag them off to events like Scrapfest!

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