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This policy is effective May 25, 2018 and is being placed in force in compliance with the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Our Blog is powered by which is, in turn, owned by Google (Alphabet Inc.). You can read Google’s privacy policy by clicking here:

Google’s shares how it uses information here:

Visiting our Blog
When you visit our blog at, the site will collect different types of information from you which Blogger requires to function properly, and which help us deliver a better experience to you. You should be advised by Google or Blogger, when you visit, that the site will place cookies and other tracking mechanisms like pixels, etc. on your computer to help you find our blog again when you search for it, to help us count how many people have visited us, and to let you comment more easily on future visits. FairyCardmaker does not place or control any of the cookies, pixels, or other tracking files used. You do not have to allow cookies or pixels to be placed on your computer, but you must change that setting yourself in your internet browser. We cannot guarantee that our blog website will work properly if you do this.

The information collected is not personally identifiable. Information collected includes your country of residence, what kind of device you are using (desktop, mobile, tablet), how you got to our blog (google search, Facebook, email link, other blog, typing in the address, etc.), how long you visited our blog, how many pages you viewed, how many links you clicked on. We cannot control or remove this information. Please refer to Google’s privacy policy.
Subscribing to our Blog
When you subscribe to our blog, Blogger receives your email address, and that is used to deliver the subscription to your inbox.
Commenting on our Blog
When you comment on our blog, Blogger collects your name, your email address, your Google user name, if any, and it can determine what country you are in. This helps the site determine where our visitors live, so that we know where our products are needed and desired. The comments on our site remain on our site until we remove them. If you would like to request that we remove a comment you have made, please email us at

Shopping on our Blog
When you shop on our blog, our shopping cart is hosted by Ecwid, Inc.. You can read their privacy policies here:

FairyCardmaker receives your address in order to send you the goods you have purchased for shipment. We use this information for shipping purposes and to comply with record keeping and filing for tax purposes. If you would like us to anonymize your name on our invoices we keep, please contact us at

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