Monday, April 16, 2018

Acrylic Smash Galaxy Background with Nuvo Embellishment Mousse

I posted a card I made for my nephew with a dragon making birthday wishes among the stars. Here, I share the video of how I made that background.

I started with blobbing colours of Nuvo embellishment mousse onto plain white cardstock. Then I diluted black ash Nuvo mousse with water on a piece of acetate (since I don't have a round acrylic block) and smooshed it on to the paper. Many times. Lots of smooshing.
The one of the left is the Nuvo Mousse one. The one on the right has dye ink underneath the black ash Nuvo mousse. I have a stronger teal colour ink dye in than the Nuvo aquamarine. (I have since acquired the Nuvo teal mousse.)

If you don't remember, here's the card I had made with it.

Click to watch this video on YouTube!

This was the best result so far, but also the messiest. My next, and last, experiment used mousse and alcohol ink. It was a tiny bit less messy but I liked the results much much more! I'll be back to show that one sometime in the future.

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