Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! (2014)

Just a quick post today to say:
Merry Christmas!
And to showcase some handmade cards we received. Among today's photos, I snapped some of these hand made cards. Here they are in the order we received them.

Stacked Christmas Tree, Gate-Fold Card from my parent's in-law (made by my MIL, Norma)

The Christmas tree is popped up from another printed tree beneath it for dimension. The red base is also popped up and then Norma added it to a white decorative frame. (You can see the layers better in the second picture, if you click for the larger view.)

I actually walked in on my MIL finishing up her Christmas cards and I had pointed this one out as rather nice. She had already decided it was the one we were getting. While she was somewhat miffed that I saw it ahead of time, she was also pleased to hear that I liked it before I knew it was destined for me!

Pearly Christmas Tree from family friends (made by Claire)

Claire used some flat-back pears to decorate her tree. The base card is also a pearl white. Claire added some sparkle to the boughs of her tree and the star too. (You can see it better in the second picture if you click for the larger view.)

Teal Snowflakes from my Dad and his partner (made by his partner, Maria)

Teal is among my favourite colours! I think it looks great with the grey and desert sand colour combination. These snowflakes are gorgeously intricate too. Maria put some clear bling on the snowflakes and the sentiment. (You can see them better in the second picture if you click for a larger view.)

All three ladies put a stamped sentiment (and hand written thoughts) on the insides. I composed a poem for our cards this year, printed it and then adhered it inside the cards - unless the card was not a standard A2 format. Then I had to write the poem by hand.)

I'm quite happy to get any holiday cards in the mail, whether hand made or not. It shows someone is thinking of you! Hope everyone is having a great Christmas, whatever way you are spending it!

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