Sunday, December 28, 2014

Baby Boy First Christmas Scrapbook Album

Here's the second of the two baby Christmas albums I've made for a custom order. This one is for a boy, so I used relatively more green than red (compared to the girl version). The green was making the album a little dark, so I used some silver and grey to lighten it a touch. (Video link at the end.)
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The first hint of grey is on the front cover in the form of a pale grey teddy bear. I used 3 Copic greys to colour him. It took me 20 minutes just to make the bear! The front cover also showcases my handmade gifts and shopping bag.

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This page features Santa. I got this Santa stamp (by Your Next Stamp) recently at Scrapfest. I used three Copics markers to colour his coat: two reds and a brown. I used this stamp in the last book. While I was cutting it out, I was thinking, I don't remember it being this fussy. Then, I realized that I had left a white border around him last time and this time I cut it right along the edges. The gifts on this page are a swing tab. They turn to the left and the panel with the chimney opens.

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I was concerned that, while the green was helping the book to appear masculine, it wasn't coming out as youthful as the red book. Most of the candy papers are red, so those appear a lot more in the red book. So, I added a boy gingerbread man with blue accents and I snagged another super cute Santa in a chipboard sticker pack on Boxing Day at Michaels Craft Store. I did something different with a couple tags in this album. I partially cut a frame and then left the rest of the tag full. I though it looked quite like a cookie jar - so here we have Santa, the cookie jar we left out for him, and the letter to Santa (which was a cut-a-part from the paper collection).

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I featured two swirly, glittered Christmas trees in this album. I had to cut them several times to get clean cuts, though. The other tree in the album is blue. If you want to see it and the other features of this album, just click on over to my Vimeo channel to watch the video:

I have used this paper stack to make four mini albums so far and I feel like I've used about 25% of it. So... expect to see this paper a lot!  Also, I made mountains of scraps! Some of them, I used on my Christmas cards this year. For those of you attending my January Workshop, if you want to get a head start on your Christmas cards for next year, I've got the scraps!!

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