Friday, November 2, 2012

Wedding Scrapbook Layouts from Fall Retreat

I have shown you all the fabulous cards made at our first ever girls (self-made) Scrapbooking Retreat this fall in Southern Ontario.  I also showed you a few scrapbook pages by Anita.  She was working on wedding scrapbook layouts from her friend's wedding.  Well, I was working on some from my own wedding (which was more than 5 years ago)!  I have been working on it off and on for a long time.  I even have the honeymoon pictures and an album to house them waiting for me when I finish!

Anywhoo, here is the first set of wedding scrapbook layouts that I did.  It's the end of the speeches part of the event.
This is my Uncle John.  It surprised me that he wanted to speak at the wedding (which I will journal).  We didn't have any one particularly selected to speak. Typically, the fathers from each side of the newly joined families speak, the best man, the maid of honour and the groom and bride.  Well, my sister and I (maid of honour and bride) didn't want to give a speech.  Everyone else in that set did, but my Uncle asked if he would mind if he spoke.  I had no objections.  It was thoughtful and touching.  What's exciting now is that his own wedding is this December!  He has waited a long time for Mrs. Right and I think he has chosen wisely!

The adjoining page is the best man:

(Also needing to be journalled), he is my husband's cousin but is much closer to a brother.  His family lives more north in Ontario.  As a young man, he came to live with my husbands family in the suburbs of Toronto for a while, so he became more like a brother.  He's a personable guy and likes to talk.  Luckily, he kept his speech quite respectful.

These 5x7 pictures on my 8x8 wedding scrapbook album take up so much space!  All the pictures we ordered from the photographer were 5x7 (or larger).  It leaves me only a little room to embellish (which is fine because then it goes faster!)  In these layouts, I just matched the wedding colour, which was a vivid red.  The red was our ode to the Chinese part of my heritage.

In the next pages, I used a neutral tone to wallpaper the background so the picture colours stand out more.

The last speech was the groom.  My husband is definitely the talker in our relationship!  Kudos to him for his speech.  Most of it was to thank the other speakers and wedding contributors and, of course, an expression of love!

The facing page was our kiss.  We did not want to be interrupted by clinking glasses during the meal (which is what people do to get the bride and groom to kiss).  So, we did one big kiss before dinner.  (I detest when my food gets cold, so I refused to do the kissing game during dinner!)  *Most* people got the point and those that didn't got the evil eye.


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