Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sympathy Verse for Sympathy Card - Give a Poem a Home

Cancer has come creeping in to my extended family - again.  I was surprised to learn that a high percentage of people with cancer who die, actually die from malnutrition and regular illness than the cancer itself.  The loss of appetite causes severe nutritional deficiencies which invites other ailments to the body.  In the end, cancer was the catalyst to that scenario, so cancer gets the blame.

After a battle with lung cancer, which seemed to have spread to the throat, and a bout of pneumonia, my sister's father-in-law succumbed to his ailments last week.  The funeral is tomorrow.  He is survived by his son and two daughters, a wife and step-son and eight or nine grandchildren.

Here is the sympathy card I made for my sister and her husband as well as for his step-mother:

As our own mother passed away from cancer in the year 2000, our extended in-law family for my sister and I have been very important to us.  Her family spends time with me and my in-laws and my husband and I have spent time with her and her in-laws.  It is greatly unfortunate how fast things happen when someone passes.  All the arrangements pile up on top of each other when all you want to do is stop and think and cry a little.

I wrote a little sympathy verse for the card:
We're sorry for the loss you bear
And send this card to show we care.
Do not worry, we all are here
And our support is always near.
Take comfort in knowing you'll always be
Surrounded by friends and family.

To make this card, I saw a tutorial on YouTube.  Here is the original video:
Stamp Pad Direct to Paper Technique


  1. Sorry to hear about your sister's father in law Lisa...that is so sad.

    Your card is very pretty and the verse your wrote lovely as well. I'm sure your sister and her husband will appreciate it, especially since it was made for them, by you.

    Cancer is such a horror, I hope some day we can irradicate it from this world.


  2. such a lovely card and verse, so sorry for the losses !!!

  3. So sorry about your losses. Cancer is a devastating illness. The poem is beautiful and I know it gave comfort for those who needed it.


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