Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.  As always, I made my card too late to mail one to my dad.  I did give him a call though.  I started on my father's day prototype last night until the wee hours of the morning.  After the third failed attempt, I decided I needed to sleep on it.

Went at it again today and came up with something acceptable and then made a card to match.

I made a small photo wallet from a Tyvek envelope.  Tyvek is a trademarked plastic fabrication by Dupont.  It is water resistant and tear resistant.  I bought a small box of 6x9 envelopes from U-Line with the intention of using them as hinges for mini albums to stand up to much use flipping though pages and not tearing around binder rings.

Ever since I saw this faux leather wallet tutorial on SplitCoast Stampers a couple years ago, I've always wanted to make one.  (I even snagged some pop tabs from my husband's empty Coke cans to use as buckles.)  I wasn't totally fond of the long wallet shape though and it does make me think of an eyeglasses case more than a wallet.  I did use the embossing technique from it on my bi-fold wallet though.  (I think I should have used brown though!)

I used glossy accents on the key on the front and back.  The map and compass paper are the two sides of a patterned paper by Reminisce.  (It's really pretty!)  The key is from a single sided paper from Michaels Recollections line.  I fussy cut the keys out.

This wallet has five pockets and five tags.  I only decorated one side of the tags.  The wallet is just over 4 inches by 3 inches, so it will hold wallet sized photos.  More than one will fit per pocket, but I felt 5 was a nice complete set.

Two pockets fold out and the other three are stuck down on the main body.  (I didn't have any black velcro.  I had to use white.)  I distressed all the edges of the papers with my Making Memories scraper and inked them in Walnut Stain distress ink.  I also inked the Tyvek envelope.  That was not fun.  The ink seems to not truly dry.  So, I inked it and then wiped it vigorously with a paper towel until only a small bit was coming up. (If I had been successful last night, I would have let it dry overnight and see if that made any difference.)

The tags are all metallic brown cardstock.  I fussy cut the elements from the papers.  They white keys are embossed.  The white keys and the clock-face and hands I stamped from a Close to My Heart stamp set.

My father-in-law didn't flip through the pockets or look at the tags but I'm sure once has some pictures for it, he will figure it out.


  1. This turned out great, love the faux leather look :)

  2. Wow, uniquely awesome Father's Day gift! How long did it take you to construct?

  3. Thanks for your comment. Once I figured out a pattern for it that I liked, it took about 2 hours.

    UPDATE: I used a direct-to-paper application of the ink to the Tyvek (because I love how the texture shows through the saturation) and let it dry over night this time. The ink still comes up heavily on my finger. BOOOO.

  4. Wow this looks awesome! The colors and textures are perfect for a guy.


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