Friday, May 18, 2012

Snowmen Shaped Cards

I know - it's summer and I'm making snowmen!  I only have so many Accucut dies to enter the 2nd Annual Accucut Grandemark Challenge with, so work with me here!  I used the Album Builder Snowman die set to make these shaped cards.  Not particularly imaginative, I know, but the die is just so darned cute!

I was going to stamp a flourish on the outside or a message, but I didn't have a nice light blue ink.  I have a chalk ink but it was way too faint.  I used my Frost Blue Copic marker to line the edges of these cards.  The hearts are cut from felt and are popped up with foam tape.  I put little faces on the inside too and the message goes on the belly.

So, then I tried to think of something a little more imaginative for these snowmen.  I made an accordion holiday decor banner for the word Joy.

On this one, the middle snowman's hat is cut from sparkly black felt and I used the Album Builder Snowflake die set to make the centre snowflakes for the letter "O".

It is still not super creative, so I decided to try one other thing.  I used the tip from an Accucut Craft video to make this garden stake snowman couple for holiday decor.  I bought the pail and some flower foam at Dollarama along with the plastic beads.  Even the "stakes" are from Dollarama.  They are barbeque shish-ka-bob skewers.

You could decorate the pail too, but I liked it plain like a true ice bucket.

Since I used that video tip, these snowmen can be removed from the stakes and still stand on their own.

I have more challenge entries in the works!  I've constructed a 3D project.  It took so long to figure out the construction that I'm drawing a blank on how to decorate it now that it is constructed!  Accucut just released some new dies.  None of them are "must have" for me, but I do so *love* their new 3D lantern die.  If I win the contest, it's going on my shopping spree list!


  1. Awww there sooo adorable, really like the one with JOY!!!

  2. These are so cute.
    I love the snowflake on his tummy :)


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