Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kards for Kids - Kit Creations

Our wonderful Kards for Kids Organizer, Bela, sent the Smiley Team some card kits to make cards for the children at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital.  Here is the kit I got for a girl:

And here's what I made with it.

Bela had included these stamped blooms, but I thought they looked like firecrackers or starbursts.  I used the same general sketch design as my nephew's monster birthday card.  I coloured the girl with my Copic markers and I used a clear sparkle gel pen to make the starbursts shimmery.

For my other kit, I got a design for a boy:

These are very bright beachy colours that are way out of my comfort zone!  Luckily, Bela made sure all the papers and components of the kit were perfect matches for each other, so I could use anything and it would still look right.  No colour conundrums for me!

Most of my cards use a fairly linear design, but especially my masculine cards.  I coloured this guy with Copics too.  I was going for some light ethnic skin, but he may just look super tan.  That's okay too!  I coloured the sufboard blue before I did the water and then realized how it blends away.  I need more Copic colours!

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