Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big Impacts from Small Things

My mother-in-law, who is truly a shining example of a mother (I’m so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws!), received some unpleasant health news.  Not knowing things is just as stressful as receiving concrete bad news.  I’m a firm believer that stress does physically manifest itself.  Similarly, positivity can improve physical health.  (My 90-year-old grandmother is proof of that!)

So, I made an encouragement card to remind her to keep her chin up.  There is no point on dwelling things that you cannot change or undo.  We can only keep going forward and aiming for the stars.  One of my favourite quotes is: “Aim for the moon.  Even if you miss, you will still land amongst the stars.”

I didn’t have a starry sky image (although I’ve been eyeing some nice ones!) but I did have this image from A Day for Daisies of a wee little snail perched high up on a flower.  (Yes, I have some strange obsession with these snails.  I love how they look like little travelling rosebuds!)  The digital stamp is named “Hang in There” but I liked it better to convey the message “Look how Far You’ve Come”.  I wrote on the inside: “Keep Looking Up.  You’ll be surprised how high you can climb.”  I thought it was a nice form of encouragement.  (In fact, it might make for a nice graduation card too – if only there was an itty bitty graduation cap for that snail!)

Turns out the health news has been dealt with and we are expecting no further tests or treatments!  Hooray!
Happy thoughts for everyone!

If you find yourself in need of an encouragement card, I put a blue one in my Etsy Shop and a brown one in my iCraft shop.


  1. Love the card, and the sentiments, glad there was good news!!!

  2. What a beautiful little card to send along in times like this! Glad to hear that your mother-in-law had good news, too! Positive thinking, as you say, helps!


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