Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Kitty in the Window

We had another Executive Administrator depart the firm's employment.  She's one of my creative crew, so I will still get to see her and hear all the juice from her new firm. (wink)  She is also going back to school to pursue a Chartered Accountant designation.  She has a high level of commitment so I'm sure she will be fine as she works her way through the courses.  If she needs a little help, well, she'll be surrounded by accountants at work!

I know she has a grey cat and a black cat at home.  I also know she has a tough time photographing her black one.  So, I decided to create her card with a black cat!

This paper die cut cat is my own original design.  I meant for it to be cartoony with its giant paws and all.  It is made in pieces so I could make a patchwork calico cat if I wanted too.  (I outlined his snout with grey ink but it didn't come out well in the photos.)  This kitty is looking through a window in the card front.  I've worked at the same firm since my co-operative terms at university so, when people leave, I feel like I'm watching them go from a window - never to step outside the walls myself.  It's a scary world out there and I watch them all go off in to the wild yonder.

On the outside, I put the cat's thought bubble on a piece of projector transparency so the dots could hang through the window.  The full cat die cut is on the inside with my message.  This window was cut with my new nesting bracket squares from Lifestyle Crafts.  I got kinds of nesting dies and I have been playing with them a lot lately!  We'll be using them for my upcoming easel card class too!  Weeee!


  1. This is sooooo cute!!! I love how he's looking out the window! And I love his big ol' black paws. Sooo adorable :) I would love to see the calico version of your die cut kitty!

  2. Hmmm.. I thought I had a Calico somewhere but I can't find it. I'll have to get on that!

  3. Such a cute card.
    Your kitty is adorable.


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