Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Grammie, the Cover Girl!

(Well... sort of)

My grandmother turned 90 this past April.  We are only celebrating now because it's hard to get the whole family together at once and June is better weather than early April.  My grandmother is an elegant lady.  She is graceful and calm. (Come to think of it, I have never seen her angry in all my life!).  She always looks for the positive side of things.  I'm convinced her steady positivity is a major factor in the longevity of her life.

I saw some pictures of her back in Jamaica on a dock in the beautiful sunshine.  She is a beautiful woman and, despite being short, seemed quite leggy in that photo!  It sure looked cover girl quality to me!  I wanted to make a card that would be elegant like Grammie.

Here's what I came up with:

These papers are all from Die Cuts with a View.  The two end pieces are glitter paper and the clock is fully glittered too.  I like the patchwork effect of this card, seeming to transition through many patterns the way life transitions through many stages and many memories.

Although the colours are neutral enough to be masculine, the glitter is what makes this card upscale enough for Grammie in my mind!

(Click photo for enlarged version to see glitter.)

I have to admit, though.  It wasn't entirely my idea.  These papers (even the clock) came from a paper stack.  The stack shows a smattering of all the papers on the front cover.  I thought it looked pretty neat that way and so I picked a few that I liked in combination.  After all, most papers in a stack are meant to co-ordinate with each other anyway!

So that's why this is a "Cover" Girl card!  Why not take your cues from the manufacturer's themselves?  They have a whole army of designers who come up with this stuff!

My Grammie is such a wonderful person.  She could grace the cover of anything anytime in my book!


  1. really lovely card, love the design!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Grammie! Lovely card and paper combination. :D

  3. love your fairy drawing! your blog is nice.

  4. Your card is very pretty. Happy Birthday to your Grammie.
    Love that you used the packaging for your inspiration to this card.
    Nicely Done.

  5. That's a lovely card; i would frame it. Happy birthday to your grandmother, but you didn't provide a picture of her.

  6. What a beautiful card and design! Happy birthday to your Grammie :)

  7. Happy birthday to your grandmother. I agree, you don't make it to that age without a positive attitude. I think you need that to survive in this life...kudos to her and the happiest of birthdays.

    I love the card, you described her as elegant and so is you gift card to her.


  8. UPDATED - to include a picture of my Grammie from th event.


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