Sunday, June 5, 2011

Generations rubbing elbows in the workplace

I read another great article in CA Magazine.  It is about how different generations behave in the workplace and also how the signals from one generation can be misinterpreted by another.  It has some fabulous insights as to how to engage each generation or what motivates each generation.

I remember Psych101 had a brief stint on behaviour and the enormity of the shift from dictatorship workplaces to participative workplaces that the boomers were able to create from the traditionals.  (Traditionals, to me, are the workers in the industrial age hayday.)

GenX (that's me!), further moved the participative workplace to a collaborative one, elevating the status of the worker and turning the pyramid on its head.  Boss' jobs became whatever made the workers' jobs better, because happy wokers are good workers and who better to come up with innovation than those on the front line.

Now, being GenX, I completely do not understand GenY.  Believe me, my family has listened to me on many occasions ranting at the dinner table about it.  This article helped me to see, "OoooOH..... so THAT'S why they do that."  It helped me to understand what they think they are doing versus what I see them doing.  I agree with most of the article but there are a few points I strongly protest!

It's really quite a good read!  The full article is here: Talkin' 'bout my generation.

Have a read then come back and tell me what you think of it.  Did you learn anything?

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