Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Boy's First Birthday - Give a Poem a Home

Today is my nephew's first birthday.  So, I made sure that one of the cards from my embossing workshop for charity was a birthday card.  I made it gender neutral - a small swap of colours would make this card suitable for either a girl or boy.  I was desperately poking around the web for a last minute digital stamp suitable for a masculine birthday.  I searched for "birthday", "cakes", "cupcakes" (men and food go well, don't they?), "party".  I found lots of great images (and snagged a few) but nothing really caught my eye for my nephew.

Then, I saw one where a critter was peeking out from behind a gift.  It wasn't quite what I wanted but the gift was easily reproduced.  So, I scrounged through my die cuts to figure out what to pair with it.

This is the Santa Bear that I designed on my Bosskut Gazelle.  I may even put his Santa hat back on and use this design on my Christmas cards this year.  I could cut his hat and the gift from patterned papers if I liked.  Here, I used a Stampin' Up! background stamp to create the gift wrap pattern.

Here, we used the embossing just as an accent.  I will be giving this card to my nephew at his party later.  I have written a little First Birthday poem for the inside.  Feel free to use and adapt as necessary!

For the Birthday Boy who has turned one,
Hope your day is really fun.
Call all your friends and family out
To smile and sing and dance about
And give a Birthday Cheer to you
With gifts, of course, and some cake too!


  1. It's really cute and love the poem!

  2. what a cute card!:) Happy Birthday to your nephew!:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Your cards are adorable!! Have a great week.

  4. What an adorable card! I am a new follower now, I found you on the Etsy Blog Team!

  5. That's an adorable card! I love cardmaking-- I get carried away for hours with the embellishments and glue sticks. Thanks for stopping by and I'll try to find a cover for my stats book! :P I'm following!

  6. Very cute!! Love the poem. I'll have to note this one as we have a slew of babies born this past year and I'm on the lookout for those upcoming birthday parties!

  7. This card is so adorable. Great work.


  8. Wow- that's really cute! I must try embossing sometime. I love going over to my card making friend's house. She has all sorts of fun doodads to be crafty with.

  9. What a super cute idea. Happy birthday to your little nephew!

  10. Lucky nephew! He is going to have many great keepsakes from his special aunt!


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