Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dry Emboss Workshop

Well, tax season is winding up.  Monday is the last day for Canadians to file personal taxes.  Appears to me that, on my workshop schedule, I have a workshop planned for next Saturday.  What was I thinking - not giving myself more of a breather after taxes?  How will I be ready?!

Well, one of the sample cards is made.  A second sample is 90% made.  The third sample is still parked in my head (plus a hastily made sketch).  After I get the samples done, then I have to proliferate them in to kits.  There will be some busy nights this week, but I'm sure I can be ready!

This is the first one.  (I actually used the same layout with a different embellishment and sentiment for a birthday card for my Dad too.)  I love this embossing folder from Stampin' Up! that I bought from my cousin's wife who is a demonstrator (see her blog).  It gives such a deep and rich impression.  On the second card, we'll be using some other stamped images and on the third... I don't know yet!

For those readers who will be in attendance, please read on for your materials list.

As always, the workshop runs from 1-4pm and includes light snacks.  $5 of every workshop fee is donated to SOAR.  Workshop fees work in 2 tiers: $8 if you bring all your own supplies and $12 if you need to purchase the full workshop kit.

To bring your own kit, you will need:
  • basics: scissors, adhesives, pencil, ruler, eraser, journaling markers
  • 3 card bases and envelopes
  • 1 cardfront (a piece of cardstock the size of the entire cardfront)
  • 1 piece of cardstock slightly smaller than a cardfront and a co-ordinating strip of cardstock (1.5 inches by the width of your card in landscape position)
  • 1 patterned paper half the size of a cardfront and 3 strips of co-ordinating cardstock (3 different colours or at least 2 different colours) each 1 inch by the width of your card
  • any focal embellishments you want - die cuts, stamps, whatever (if you have nothing of this sort, I will let you use any of my stamps)'
  • If you are unsure of any of these sizes, just bring full sized pieces of cardstock that co-ordinate with each other and well cut them down the day of the class.  (8.5x11 pieces are fine for this class.)


  1. Beautiful and elegant cards...


  2. That embossing looks so good!
    Great card!

  3. Neat! I would love to attend your workshop, too bad it's so far away and they haven't perfected Wonkavision yet. ;D

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