Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paws for Thought - Papertwirlies Challenge

I've been a very busy body in life for the last 5 weeks straight.  So, this Papertwirlies Team challenge entry was built in bits and pieces.  The challenge is "Nature's Beauty" - Take your inspiration from nature - directly or indirectly through colours, patterns, etc.

I have been lamenting over the difficulties of doing anything dog shaped.  There are SO many breeds and SO many shapes and sizes, I have been paralyzed with options!  My first attempt at dog quilling has been floppy-eared doggies on this fire hydrant tag and this puppy ACEO.

So, it was time to try again.  Long before I got my Boss Kut Gazelle and tried my hand at die cut dogs, I had hand drawn a sketch that I wanted to use as a guide.  I never did use it as a drawing guide, but I decided to use it as a quilling guide.  This quilled dog is the result!

This dog adorns a fridge magnet that holds sticky notes and a pen!  It's my Papertwirlies Nature's Beauty Challenge Entry because, well, dogs are part of the animal kingdom, which is all natural!  Plus, I put it on a very dark brown java bean colour of cardstock which are earthy colours.  To me, the browns in this project make it very ubran chic and more to the masculine side.

Some of the proceeds from the sale of this notepad holder will go to SOAR: Southern Ontario Animal Rescue.  That's why I titled it "Paws for Thought".  It has a surface meaning but also a deeper meaning.

I'm finally 100% satisfied with a quilled dog design of my own.  I hope you like it too!


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