Monday, May 24, 2010

Give a Poem a Home - Baby Shower

My sister was due in June, but her second son, Callum, came earlier than anticipated.  A week earlier than the baby shower, which is the same thing that happened with her first son!  I'm traditionally very busy at work in April and this year was no exception.  Since the shower was going to be small, I volunteered to do the planning.  Lucky for me, other family members volunteered to help too!

I did make all of the invitations though.  I learned how to make this onsie card from a tutorial by Lauren Meader.  I first made the green ones, with scalloped trim.  My sister said the scalloped trim would make people think she was having a girl when, at the time, we didn't know what gender the baby would be.  Her mother-in-law said the green wasn't very baby-ish.  So, I made the second half of them yellow with green trim.  (I like the green one better.  It was green for boy and frill for girl, so a little of both in my mind.)

(It's very hard to see in the picture, but I did put a score line underneath the dew drops which represent snaps.)

The shower was great.  I made 27 invitations and about 15 people came.  My sister-in-law made the cakes from scratch with the help of her mother.  They were thoughtful enough to make one for the baby and one for his big brother.

I was very pleased to see that my workshop girls in attendance all gave handmade cards.  They were excited about them too.  Here's the picture of them.
(click picture for bigger view)
From left to right: B is for Baby - Norma's card for the mommy; Baby Mobile - Claire's card; Baby Bears - Norma's card made for her daughter to give with her gift; Duck family - My Card; C is for Callum - Norma's card for Callum.

My card is the ducky card.  It is my very first use of a digital stamp!  The image was the "Spring Things" freebie from Pollycraft.  I coloured it with Copic Markers.  I did have some trouble with the printer ink bleeding, even though I held it over the toaster first to try and seal the ink.  (I dont have a heat gun.)  Still, it turned out okay.  I printed it on Bazzill Cardstock, but next time I print a batch, I might try cardstock meant for stamping as it will be more absorbent.
(click picture for bigger view)
On the inside, I wrote a poem that I will share with you.  Mine opened with "Conner and Callum" which are my sister's two sons' names, but for general use, we'll start it with "Two little ducklings" instead.  Here goes:

Two little ducklings follow their mom,
Because mothers are wise, loving and strong.
Mothers are comforting.  Mothers are true.
Wishing a happy new motherhood to you!



  1. Love the invitations, the cake, the poem, and everything about this post! Lucky little boys to have an aunt like you!

  2. Love your duckling card - so cute. Great image - I love it too.

    Love the onesie invites, congrats to your sister.


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