Thursday, January 14, 2010

Santa Kitty - Christmas 2009

I have friends and family with cats. Here I am, trying to support a dog charity (I'm a dog person) and EVERYONE around me has CATS!! Well, I find it easier to draw cats than dogs. Most cats have the same basic shape. Dogs... well.... the breeds are SO varied!

So, I had drawn this kitty in my digital cutter. (Actually, it started as a doggy, but I continued it into a kitty version and I like the kitty better.... SHHHH don't tell!) Then, I was browsing on the web for ideas and I kept finding the CUTEST ever mouse stamps with long santa hants. Darling, I tell you. I thought to myself... I can make a hat. In fact, I made a bunch of snow man hats, toques, and earmuffs for some paper snowmen. I could make a santa hat!

I sketched it at work. (It's a nice eyeball break after you stare at flickering computer screens with numbers galore for a while.) It wasn't as easy as I had hoped to digitally reproduce it when I got home. I scrapped it and redid it about three times, but boy am I happy with the result!

I had been on a quest to use up older papers in my stash (see this post). I also had what is known as flock in my stash. I had bought a bottle to try it out. It happed to be kind of a big bottle though. Well, I was able to flock the santa hat brim and puff ball. I think it added a nice touch.

This is CERTAINLY my crowning glory of 2009. I love this card so much because it accomplished so much: used up older supplies, has my own die cut as a HUGE focal, fits my style of clean and uncluttered, and his a big BOLD message. I think I will put some in the shop next year!

- Scrapninny

Hmm... "fits my style of clean and uncluttered". That is certainly how my designs come out but not my workspace! The design chaos extracted from my cards is surely still present on my desk! (Where's a fairy godmother when you need one to make it just go poof!?)

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