Sunday, January 24, 2010

Animal Sanctuary Raffle

For the Animals Sanctuary is having a raffle! A call has gone out to Etsy For Animals team members to provide handcrafted raffle items. Lately, I have been brainstorming about my business. In fact, I think I've let myself be swept away by the "in things" instead of focusing on my true goals. So, I've gone back to basics and started fleshing out a game plan for 2010. Supporting animals is my primary goal so, when this call came out, I knew I had to answer. This is the first step in the right direction in a few months.

I've be a die-cut lover since the year 2001 when I first found Quickutz at a local scrapbook store (sadly, now closed). I had purchased some punch art books before, but punches are costly and space hogs. Quickutz was by far the better choice at the time. While I still love my Quickutz stuff, I now have a Boss Kut Gazelle so I can design and cut my own die cuts. I wanted to make a bunch of animal cards for the raffle, but I just didn't have the time to think of any cute sayings that worked, except for one: Thinking of Ewe. I searched for some punch art animals and found the cutest sheep! I had already drawn some scalloped circles in my Gazelle, so completing the parts for the sheep was a breeze! (I still need to brainstorm some more animals!)

To package my raffle item, I have made a 3D envelope. I have a tool called the Enveloper by Crafter's Companion. It makes envelopes with triangle flaps, including some 3D ones. However, I prefer the rectangle flap envelopes. My Scor Pal came with intructions on how to make a standard envelope. (I preferred wider sides, so I have modified the Scor Pal recipe.) I decided to study the 3D sytle envelope and then translate that into the rectangle flap version. The result is this case for my raffle cards!

I went looking for some magnetic snaps by Basic Grey but I couldn't find any!! So, I wondered how to close my flap since I didn't want to use ribbon to tie it shut. I had to be innovative. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he keeps piles of coins all over the house. He hates carrying around small change. So, I went around pilfering his piles for the shiniest pennies I could find! (The old, tarnished one in my coin pouch did not stick as well!) Then I stole a magnet from our fridge (it used to be part of something but the housing broke and we just have a few exposed magnets). Voila! Instant closure!

I'll be shipping off my contribution tomorrow for the February 20th raffle. I hope it goes over well! If you have any ideas on good animal card sentiments, PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT!

Baaah Baaaaah for now!

- Scrapninny

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