Sunday, September 18, 2016

Husky Treat Bags

When I make a batch of dog cookies for our Husky, I always get more than I think I will use in the two weeks they are good for. (She could eat them all but she shouldn't!) So, I give some away to my fellow doggie parents at work and at my husband's work. I was really enthusiastic the first time and made these baggies.

I used a tutorial from Pootles for the treat bag. It's actually quite a decent size. It looks so good when made out of patterned paper!

I used the fox from Your Next Stamp's Woodland Cuties stamp set (with matching dies) and coloured it like my Husky. (I am going to get SO much use of out this image!)

I was pretty pleased with it. It holds 5 to 10 cookies. I made the cookies with a dog bone cookie cutter but we always break it into smaller pieces when we give her some as treats. I'm thinking that the next time I make these cookies, I will just cut the dough up into little, bite size squares. (I keep looking for a mini heart-shaped cookie cutter, but I can never find little ones.)

How did I do colouring Shadow? Here is my muse:


  1. You might try over in the craft section where they sell clay. I purchased a "nesting" set of metal heart cutters.

    1. Thanks, Tonya! That's a good suggestion. I have since managed to find a small heart by going to an all kitchen stuff type store.


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