Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dog Cookies! Made by me!

I've been creating - just not out of paper. I found a "vet approved" dog treat recipe online - which I also passed by the vet in our family - and decided to use this long weekend to bake. If you know me, then you know that I consider the kitchen a foreign land - a place I pass through from time to time, but not that I would call home!

Well, I went and picked up the ingredients - and they weren't cheap, since the quantity they are sold in was WAY over the quantity I needed for a single batch. I thought I had everything but, as I was stirring all the stuff together and it was thickening into a dough, I realized... I don't have a rolling pin.

Mommy to the rescue! I scooted downstairs and borrowed my in-law's.

Here's the result:

One batch of peanut butter cinnamon cookies! The dough smelled pretty good too. Did Shadow eat them?

Well, we broke one in half so we could each give her a little. She eagerly went for it and then immediately drew back. It was as if she was thinking, "OOOO Cookie! Wait... what the... ... This is *not* my normal cookie." She timidly kept taste testing it from my husband's hand and, eventually ate it. So, I called her for my half. She was hesitant, but took it. As she chewed, a piece fell out of her mouth with a great big glob of drool. So, I count that as: She liked it.

I have also been creating with paper a little and not just cards! Somewhere down the line, you can look for something different!

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