Sunday, April 17, 2016

Baby Scrapbook Mini Album from Envelopes

I have a new video to share today! I started this album a year ago. I finished it a couple months ago, but I'm just getting around to filming now because I finally have the two things I need: quiet and sunlight! (Sunlight being the harder thing to come by! Thank heavens for a beautiful day.)

I made this mini album from A6 envelopes cut from heavy gold foil paper with my Accucut Craft die. I put a skinny 1/8th of an inch gutter between each page so they are not totally squished against each other.

I used a neutral colour scheme of browns to go with the gold and accented with some blue-greens. This is a (very late) gift for a co-worker with two little boys. True to my style and since I expect the photos will take up most of the room, it is only lightly embellished. I designed a onsie die cut specifically for this album. I wanted it to be a journalling spot and the die cuts I have are too small.

This is my Ribbon-Bound Triple Envelope Scrapbook Album. I taught a class to my creative crew for it and I've shown other albums I've made in this style. It doesn't matter what size envelope or whether you have triangle or rectangle flaps. It works with all styles.

I put a large tag in each envelope too. That's where you can put some photos in landscape orientation. (One page is not embellished as well as the front and back covers, so a landscape picture could go there too.)

I also put one of my die cut dinosaurs in here, which I had designed for another project.

Want to see the whole thing? Watch my baby mini album walk-through video on my Vimeo channel.

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