Sunday, December 22, 2013

Handmade Holiday Wreath

For no particular reason, my sister decided to make a wreath for me!  She gathered all the stuff at Michaels Craft Store when they had their Black Friday deals and put it all together.  She gave it to me when we went for a family skate.  She scented it with pine too.  I'm not fond of the smell, but the wreath is outside, so it's okay!

It's got poinsettias and pine cones, holly berries, and a glitter-tipped, white, wintery, butterfly.  It's not a big wreath, but it's pretty.  We usually decorate the exterior of the house for Halloween, but we do very little for Christmas (just lights).  So, this was a much needed holiday decor injection!

We were kept up with the ice on the trees in the conservation area breaking off the branches.  The damage is so sad to see this morning.  The freezing rain has stopped but high winds are expected.  We fear that when the surviving ice-laden branches start swaying in the wind, we're going hear a lot more branches cracking and crashing down.

The news says many are without power.  Our power lines are underground, so we have been spared (phew!)  I hope we get a few days of warm up to melt some of this ice!

Stay warm.  Stay safe!  Me, I'm keeping inside (no surprise there!) and am in the midst of my (thus far annual) Paper Studio redo!  (And wrapping gifts.)

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