Monday, January 28, 2013

Paper Studio Tour Jan 2013

Finally - I cleaned up my space as clean as it gets.  I took a very short video to show off my new room and new storage.  The original idea was to paint the room all neutral (grey) and spike it with teal/turquoise and vibrant purple accents.  Well, the colour spikes didn't really happen.  The room never turns out as I picture it.  I always retain function over aesthetics, which means some of my dream room stays in my head.

Don't get me wrong, though, I'm happy with the space!  The Drona fabric boxes in my Expedit hide my unfinished project bits nicely.  The only things missing now are some wall shelves.  I plan to get one of those customizable closet shelf systems.  I haven't decided how to configure it and which wall to use yet.

All my stamps are stuffed in one box but it is busting full now.  I need to figure out how I will house the expanding collection.  Also, my light box is nestled on the shelf in the closet now.  I didn't include its ugliness in the video but, for those who might be wondering where I take my pictures, that's the home I found for it.

WARNING: there is some motion blur in the video.  I tried to move slowly, but it is my brand new camera and it is far more sensitive than my old one, it seems!

Click the link to jump over to my Paper Studio Room Tour Video on Vimeo.

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