Friday, December 21, 2012

Die Cut Train Engine Ornaments

I have a quick holiday oriented post today.  Another custom order birthed a fabulous idea: Making my paper die cut train engine into a Christmas ornament!  I was struggling with how to personalize them, but then I had an idea that I just loved: smoke bubbles!

I had to figure out how to attach the smoke bubbles to the engine stack.  Enter: my so seldom used ribbon!

The ribbon is a little short to hang directly on a tree, but one can use those thin wire hooks that are meant for the round, breakable ornaments.  Those hooks can be purchased separately (because we all invariably loose a few each year!)

I made them reversible so if they spin or twist, they are complete on both sides.

The length of the name is limited.  I could always make the ribbon longer, but I think there is still some maximum.  My own nephews do not have long names.  They would fit perfectly in here.  If I find the time over the holidays, I might make a few for my tree!

Wishing you all a HAPPY and SAFE holiday season!


  1. there adorable what a neat idea with the bubbled names!!!

  2. These are so cute.
    Love the names in the smoke bubbles :)


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