Monday, September 17, 2012

Christmas Cards by Norma

Norma seems to take a while to talk herself into making cards but, once she gets in to it, she does quite well.  She has a great eye for pairing colours and for creating a grounding focal on her designs.  At our craft retreat, she came away with the second most number of completed Christmas cards at 13 (NOT counting the three we made in our class).

I think she had a very relaxing time, being able to craft without having to hurry, without deadlines, without chores waiting to be done.  Aaaaah, vacation is sweet!

Click photo for larger view.

She used some large die cuts from a set she picked up (perhaps at Michaels?  Or else at Scrappin' Great Deals where we stopped outside of London, Ontario.)  Of this bunch, I like the stack of presents the most.  It's simple, yet effective.  Second to that, I like the one with the green button stars.  It's as close to a cluster embellishment that have been popular in scrapbooking of late.

Click photo for larger view.

In this bunch, I like the first two the most (from the left).  On the first one, Norma used twine, brads and a great big sentiment stamp.  I've been meaning to make a card where the sentiment itself is the focal image, but Norma beat me to it!  The brads she chose matched the patterned paper perfectly (and we'll just ignore the fact that some of them spilled out of the container and disappeared into the stripes of the carpet only to reappear jabbing in to our socks and feet! Tee hee!)

It's been a long time since Norma has had a chance to sit down and make some cards.  She enjoys sending them to friends and family and they enjoy getting them.  Now that her cancer treatments are all done, I hope she will find the energy to get back in to the swing of things bit by bit and get back to doing the things she enjoys (like gardening and making cards.  No, doing dishes is not relaxing, no matter how many times you say it is!  Tee hee!)


  1. These cards are so sweet.
    Wishing Norma great health and to getting stronger. Hugs.


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