Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stitchbound Tag Butterflies Mini Album

As promised in my earlier post about my first mini album, I have created a video about how I used my Accucut dies to make this mini album.

You do not have to use an Accucut die or an Accucut Grandemark to make this album.  I like the Accucut dies because they are all big.  They make for great albums.  However, any dies of a decent size will do.  Anyone with a Sizzix Bigshot, for example, can make a similar album.  If it can cut through chipboard, it can make this style of album.  The chipboard is needed for the covers, but the key to the pages is folding your paper over and then placing it just shy of one of the cutting blades on the die cut that you choose so that it will not be cut.  It will create a fold instead.  Then you stitch all the folded pages (called signatures) together.

Imagine the shaped albums you can make with this technique! I have a file folder shaped one in progress (like the one in the tutorial I used to learn this technique).  You can use all kinds of frame shapes and even some themed shapes like a tombstone for Halloween or a triangle shaped Christmas tree for Christmas.  The only draw back to a stitch-bound album is that is will not expand to hold bulky pages.  I think it would make for a great family recipe book though!

Here is a link to the stitch-binding technique that I used.  It's a video tutorial by Tricia Morris at Club Scrap.  I love her tutorials because her instructions and demonstrations are very clear and she has a clear passion for what she creates.  I love all the extra samples she shows too.  Too bad the ScrapLounge at TVWeekly is no longer broadcast.

Make the Grade Book - Stitch-binding tutorial from TVWeekly on YouTube


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