Sunday, February 5, 2012

Magical Birthday

We hosted my nephew's 6th birthday party today.  Since my work has been very busy, my husband picked up a birthday card when he picked up the present.  However, my nephews have always had handmade cards from me and I didn't want to break the trend.  So, I made a really simple one last night.

The theme of this year's party was Harry Potter.  Isn't this cake cute?  My sister-in-law brought all the little Harry Potter Lego guys from a Lego set my nephew already has to decorate it.

My nephew enjoyed telling us the names of all the characters.  My sister-in-law has been reading to him the Harry Potter series.  He will get to watch the movies after reading the books.  He has a voracious mind when it comes to reading (or being read to).  He is learning to read himself now too.

To keep on the Harry Potter "magic" theme, I used my "magical birthday wishes" stamp that I bought to go with the fairies from A Day for Daisies.  Well, I decided it would work just as well for a dragon!

This dragon is a digital image from MelJen's designs.  I coloured it with my copic markers.  To make it look like scales, I just dotted the markers.  First, I made dots with the light green and then went in with the dark.  Then I used the light green again to help the darker dots to blend in.  Where I wanted the most shadow, I went again with the dark and did not go back and blend with the light.

The background is embossed with a crocodile pattern that I got from Accucut Craft.  I thought it would work for my dragon card.  (Of course, I composed a little poem for the inside too!)

It was a good day.  The boys played well together (both the little ones and all the uncles) and everyone had a nice visit.  My sister-in-law brought lots of finger foods and some guests brought snacks too.  (AND - it was all over before Super Bowl Sunday started, so my husband can "have his cake and eat it too!")


  1. What a fun cake, so neat.
    Love the colouring you did on the dinosaur. Love the texture you added with just the markers.

  2. How sweet of you! Cute card! I love how you colored the dots on dinosaur.
    THANK YOU for linking to my cash envie project on TwoPeas forum! =)


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