Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crafty Resolutions?

Got em'?  I've got a few but the biggest is getting more organized!  How do you organize your holiday cards?  I am terribly disorganized.  I try to send my handmade ones but a) I get bored of the same design and b) I have so many retail ones from the charities to which I donate.  Because I get bored of the same design, I change it up now and then.  Unfortunately, then I cannot remember who got what design each year, so I’m afraid of sending a repeat design!

I really think I need to make a cookie-cutter design per year.  I can vary the colours, maybe also the main embellishment but I should stick to one pattern.  I try to send handmade to only those who would appreciate them because of the large time investment.  I have to say, my track record for sending handmade holiday cards is terrible.  Birthday, I’ve done fairly well, but not holiday.

How do you keep track of who you have sent to?  I really need to make a master list that I can re-use year over year.  I think I will make a small ring-bound book.  I will make pocket pages where each pocket is big enough for a card and the front of the pocket will have a label.  That way, I can label who is getting what card and see how many I’ve made and how far I have to go.  I can always add more pages as more people enter my list and I can also replace labels as people leave my list.

I also have this dream of making an event calendar for birthdays and anniversaries.  The front page would be a picture of the person(s) and the date.  The back of the page would have a pocket for the card I plan to send.  That way, I can make a card when I feel like it, store it for when it is needed and also not forget that I made it.  Each event would be displayed until its date passes.  Then you turn the page of the event calendar and the next event is displayed until its date passes and so on.  (The plan might fall down if there are many events all bunched closely together though.  Meh – nothing’s perfect.)

There you have it.  Those are my two main organizational goals.  One day, I might actually carry them out.  What works for you?  Advice is welcome!

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