Monday, October 24, 2011

Handmade Journals - Kards for Kids

Some time ago, I mentioned the Kards for Kids blog where a working mom volunteer gathers cards donated by cardmakers to take to Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital.  The nurses there had requested some notebooks too for the parents to keep track of appointments and medications and such.  So, I decided to try altering some notebooks.
(Click for larger picture.)
I tried to make the blue ones as masculine options for the dads.  All these stamps are from Hampton Art.  I really like the elegance of the leaves.  Speaking of stamps, I originally heard about this card drive from High Hopes Rubber Stamps, a stamp shop out in the prairies of Canada.  They sponsored one of the drives.  Bela, the drive organizer, is a stamper too.  She is a Close to My Heart Hostess, which is a home-based stamping business (like Stampin' Up! and others).

The red journals are embossed with the raised part of the design inked in red.  I mailed these off on the weekend.  Bela is in Oshawa, a city north of Toronto.  She makes regular drop offs to Sick Kids Hospital throughout the year.  She has a dedicated crew of cardmakers, and I have been watching for almost a year.  It feels good to have finally made something to contribute!


  1. Your note books are lovely. Great idea, so nice of you to help this organization out :)

  2. very nice note books, what a neat idea for there use, you have a big heart!!!

  3. Wow those are really cool! I'm sure they will love them. The masculine ones look awesome. :D

  4. Beautifully done and great cause!


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