Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taming the Lace

So, I decided to challenge myself to work with lace.  I needed to make a happy engagement card for my uncle.  He has spent his 50 years as a bachelor and now has finally found "the one".  Hooray!  So I set out to make a lovey dovey card and I wanted to use lace.

The lace did not want to behave.  It was very unruly, curling and bubbling here, there, everywhere!  Since I knew I was putting a panel over top of it, I decided to cheat and put some tape underneath the lace.

I got you good, wild lace! For the panel going over top of it, I knew the lace would be bulky under half. So I double mounted the top portion of the panel with foam tape and single mounted the portion going over top of the lace.

Tah-dah!  I used a sparkly marker on pink the hearts of the stamped tree.  It looks much sweeter in person.

For a first time using lace, what do you think?  I'm not a very frilly girl, so I don't know if I will use this medium again. You never know unless you try though!


  1. Pretty! And congratulations to your uncle, how sweet. :D

  2. Your card turned out great! For another version of this, some flat lace, or cotton lace in ecru might be interesting. I will gladly send you some to try it out! Let me know!

  3. I like the way it turned out! And I agree, you need a non-elastic lace, maybe use some glue on its back.


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