Friday, February 11, 2011

From Scraps to Smiles - Mini Thank-You Notes

I am always looking for ways to use up scraps.  I’m a pack rat and I hate to throw away even the tiniest piece of nice paper.  (I *have* gotten better at it!  Really!)  I’ve been trying to clean up my scrapbook studio.  I have actually made good progress but the bits from my fairy custom order keep spreading!  (I will take pictures of my reorganization after the order is complete.)

On my cleaning travels, I found some paper quilled bits.  They were left over from a card I made last year but with which I wasn’t terribly thrilled.  I made these bits in preparation for version 2 but version 2 was never made.

So I went to pile it in my “bits bin” and there I found the bits from my holiday goodie gifts.  Those boxes result in a good number of 2 x 4 bits, scored in the middle.  Since they make 2 x 2 mini cards, I decided to keep those bits and use them to make thank-you notes for my shop.  Since stuff isn’t flying off my shelves, I’ve been lazy about making the thank-you notes.

I made at least this one.  I made it for my custom fairy order.  The patterned paper is actually a scrap from one of the fairy cards!  That’s why I thought it would be clever to use it on the thank-you card.  It matched perfectly with the blue cardstock.  The paper quilled bits were just the right size.  I dug in my “bits bin” and found a paper die cut flower where I had put glitter in the centre.  Tah dah!  From scraps to smiles!


  1. This is really darling! A series of these framed somehow would make a really cute wall decoration!

  2. That's a fantastic idea! I probably wouldn't have thought of it. Thanks! That's definitely going on my project list.

  3. I am the same way, I keep the smallest pieces of papers. But you can still use them for so much.
    Your card is so cute.

  4. That is a good idea, they really are cute.


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