Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 - Naughty or Nice?

Merry Christmas to all!

This Christmas, I made something for the Executive Administrators in our office.  There are a total of 9 of them.  Professional Administrators' Appreciation Day is in April.  Well, for a chartered accounting firm, April is an extremely busy time of year.  I wouldn't have time to make handmade gifts then, so I choose to give them something at Christmas.

I had seen a poem last year about reindeer and snowman poop.  I altered the lines only slightly to make my gifts.  Some of the people in our office can't have chocolate, so they got mints instead.
I saw a tutorial for this box on Splitcoast Stampers. That box was made from one sheet, which meant the bottom of the box was a single layer.  I needed a more reinforced box to hold heavy chocolate almonds and mints.  So, I redesigned it so that the basket is made from one sheet and the tongue is a second sheet.  That way, I have at least two layers all around the basket.
The snowman papers are from Dream Street and the reindeer papers are from Die Cuts with a View.  I had made something over a year ago that produced all these extra white circles.  I made them into snowpeople for my boxes.  Two were for men, so they have top hats.  Two were for women so one has ear muffs and one has a tuque with a pompom on top.  I designed all the paper die cut hats myself.  The reindeer is a stamp from Stampin' Up.  (I bought it last year just for this purpose!)
Here is my version of the poem.  (Click for a larger view.)  Here is the original version of the poem:

I heard you've been naughty.
So, listen, here's the scoop.
Santa's going green,
So you get reindeer poop! (or snowman poop)
- Santa.

I didn't like that the poem didn't make the connection between lumps of coal and going green.  So, that's why I altered the poem to read:

I hear you've been naughty
But, this year, coal won't do.
To reduce my carbon footprint,
It's reindeer poop for you!  (or snowman poop)
- Santa

The admin seemed to like their gifts.  I'm quite happy with how they turned out!


  1. Very nice gift idea! You deserve a %100 raise this year! :)

  2. Those are awesome and I like your reworking of the poem, very nice.

  3. Love your gift items and your beautiful way of showcasing this unique gift! (plus, am storing that idea away for next year...although it would be without all of the lovely work that you do to make the gift special!) I can see why this was such a "hit"! Happy New Year!!

  4. Oh wow these are gorgeous. How nice of you. Bet they were all surprised!


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