Sunday, February 14, 2010

Give a Poem a Home - Valentine's 2010

Just a quick post today - Happy Valentine's Day!

I made this "heart of gold" card for my husband (inspired by the Etsy for Animals challenge: January Jackpot to use gold on our items, which I blogged about in an earlier post).  I'm quite pleased with the verse I thought of for him.  I thought I would share with you to stash away for the next time you need a love themed sentiment!

In all the days I live,
I will never see
A heart so full of passion
As the one you give to me.

Your heart must be made of gold.
There is no other way.
For when your love is with me,
I grow richer day by day.

- Scrapninny


  1. That poem is so much nicer than the one I gave my husband..."Let me call you sweetheart...I can't remember your name!" Seriously, beautiful card, and beautiful sentiment! I am sure that you had a great V Day!


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