Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feature Artist: Little Lily Bamboo

On Etsy, members can "heart" either individual items or whole shops. Etsy will track your hearts for you to make it easy to return to that item or that shop for later purchases. One of my latest hearts are these cloths from Little Lily Bamboo!

They look so fabulously soft and ecological! I'm definitely going to pick up a couple after the move to the new place! Jade (what an awesome name!) was kind enough to allow me to interview her so that I can share my fabulous find with the rest of you!

Tell me a little about yourself, your store, and your crafts.

"My name is Jade, and I'm a stay at home mom of three little girls. My newest, Myka, was born three weeks ago :) I started my Etsy shop about two weeks before she was born. I recently developed an interest in natural products for my home and family. I started sewing products our of organic bamboo to use at home and quickly fell in love with them! I use some cloths for my daughters...they are soft enough for my newborn's skin, yet "scrubby" enough for my two year old's "peanut butter face". The swaddling blankets are a must for my newborn. She loves being swaddled, and with it being so hot here right now, I can swaddle her in the lightweight, breathable material without fear of her overheating."

What role does art/crafts play in your life?
"I have never been crafty. I can't get into scrapbooking, and have always thought I hated sewing. However, people change :) And I've discovered that I love sewing! It's a fun hobby, and I'm glad I can do it now."

What made you decide to sell your art/craft?
"I love the bamboo products so much around my own house, that I thought it would be great to open up shop and make them available to other moms like me! If I could afford to GIVE a swaddling blanket to every new mom out there, I would love to do that. Unfortunately, until I'm super rich, I'll have to sell them...but really, they are a must have!"

How do you fuel your creative process?
"I fuel it out of necessity. My girls are my inspiration. Since Myka was born three weeks ago, I already have many more ideas for my shops and will hopefully be expanding soon!"

Besides your fabulous goodies, what is your current favourite handmade product?
"My friend Amy started making the most gorgeous homemade necklaces a few months ago. They are simple and fun, making it easy to look awesome even when I don't have alot of time for primping! Her etsy shop is "

Little Lily Bamboo also makes baby wipes and receiving blankets. If you would like to know more about the products, visit or to learn more about Jade, visither blog at


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