Wednesday, June 10, 2009

iCraft Seller's Bootcamp + IndieSmiles is a Canadian based, handmade goods commercial website. Artisans from Canada and around the globe offer their handmade wares for sale to buyers worldwide. As this venue is still fairly new, iCraft is hosting a Seller's Bootcamp program created by an iCraft seller and run by a host of volunteers. As part of this promotion, the Bootcamp gang has listed a number of coupons, en masse, through IndieSmiles which is a website that lists the various discounts and coupons available from independent artists to bring handmade goods to the public at the best possible prices.

NOW is your chance to see these movers and shakers in action! Get your IndieSmiles iCraft Seller's Bootcamp coupons today through this link!


  1. Great post! I was looking at the iCraft discount list and what a great variety of items. I am going to check it out closer!


  2. glad to see iCraft make a presence on indiesmiles!


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