Saturday, April 2, 2011

A New Journey - Sailboat Cards

Some time ago, two employees left our firm - both male.  Boy, is it ever hard to come with cards for men.  The two most manly designs I have in my handmade paper die cut arsenal are my sailboat and my train engine.  Both represent going places, so I figured they would work for a card like this.  I chose the sailboat die cut.

I was looking at the scroll that I made for tea cup steam and thought, if I turned it sideways, it looks like wave crests.  I think it turned out kind of neat for the waves.  I also used sanding on a bubble embossed background.  If you use sandpaper, that makes it more manly, right?  (tee hee)  I made the sentiment on my Boss Kut Gazelle electronic cutter too.

Just a reminder to Canadians - it's April now!  That means.... TAX TIME!  Remember that your personal tax filing deadline is April 30th.  Even if you made no income or your income is less than the basic personal exemption, it is important to file.  You can get a basic refund or other credits.  If you have income but it is less than the basic personal exemption, or if you are in full time qualifying post-secondary school, filing will create tax pools for you: your RRSP deduction limit pool or your tuition and education credits pool, respectively.

The moral is: every adult has to file.  So just do it!.

Lastly, as an update, the Shutter Card Worskhop generated $40 for the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue.  I have updated the blog post with a link to an instructional video I found on Splitcoast Stampers for those of you who want to try it too!


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