Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guest Writer on the Revamp Your Etsy Shop Blog Series

Just a quick note today to let you all know that there is a blog series starting tomorrow on all the various aspects of your Etsy shop.  You can learn, step by step, how to tweak your shop.  Most of the lessons are written by guest writers.  My section will be about your Shop Announcement.  Here are the topics:
  1. Avatars & Banners - Meagan: Baby Swank
  2. Profile Bio - Rachael: Little Birdie Baby Shop
  3. Location, Favorites and the Activity Stream - Christine: Quirefly
  4. Shop Announcement - Lisa: Fairy Cardmaker
  5. Alchemy & Custom Orders - Amber: Twisted Ribbons Bows
  6. Message to Buyers - Affie: Crafty Bird Creations
  7. Shop Policies - Meagan: Baby Swank
  8. Shop Sections, Featured Listings, Rearranging Your Shop - Kimberly: Cinnamon Spice
  9. Google Analytics - Annie Dees
  10. Product Descriptions - Stacie: Sparrow Blu
  11. Tagging - Donna: Zoe Girl Designs
  12. Pricing: Overhead - Harriette: Harriete Estel Berman
  13. Packaging and Shipping - Affie: Crafty Bird Creations
  14. Photography - Part 1 - Alex: Terraine
  15. Photography - Part 2 - Alex: Terraine
  16. Branding - Mayi: Mayi Carles
  17. Marketing - Sarah: Makery Blog
  18. Social Networking - April: Blacksburg Belle
  19. SEO - Mary: SEO Web Design
  20. Seasons and Holidays - Missie: Sykin and NW Wonders
The series starts tomorrow on Baby Swank's blog and goes to the end of June, so there is lots of work ahead and lots of time to soak in the knowledge.  You can sign up for her newsletter on her blog to ensure you don't miss an article!

Wishing great success to us all in 2011!

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  1. I saw your picture on Baby Swank's blog and thought Wow! how cool is that ;) I really like this blog series- hopefully I'll learn something!


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