Monday, February 7, 2011

Giver Her Flowers

After stamping up my nephew's card, I decided to keep the stamping going and try out my newest Stampin' Up! stamp set.  Afterall, the PaperPlay challenge this week is to Stamp it Out!  Actually, I was able to make this card in to a double challenge feature.  PalsPaperArts has a colour combo challenge this week, based on Stampin' Up! colours:

I already know where this card is going.  I just have to remember I made it already when the time comes!  I also have a few stashed for my new plan for products in 2011.

This style of stamp is called a "two-step stamping" set.  First, you stamp the outline and then you stamp the coloured parts.  The coloured parts are meant to not fit perfectly on the outline, so that you get a watercolour kind of effect.  It's a pretty neat technique!

I also made myself a ghetto lightbox from foam core so I'm trying it out.  I am missing a plain white piece of bristol board fo rthe backdrop, so you still see a harsh line in the background but it's got to be better than my blue wall.  I have to hold the camera so close that the front of the card kind of warps, like looking through a peephole.  *sigh*  I probably need a bigger box.  Ghetto-box will have to do for now.

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