Friday, May 2, 2014

New Cat Die Cut!

Well, I made a new dog die cut not long ago. I used it for a dog scrapbook mini album.  (It's not that mini. It's a pretty decent size at 5x7 inches, actually.) I figured it's only fair that I make a cat album too, and that means - a new cat die cut!
Why didn't I do this one first?  It was way simpler than the dog one!  Anyway - I have used this die cut on my first ever cat themed scrapbook mini album. (Video link at end.) I made this one specifically to benefit animal charity.  35% of the proceeds of this album will go to the Etsy for Animals Charity of the Month in the month it sells and 15% will go to the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (a local dog rescue and registered Canadian Charity). (Right now, for May 2014, the charity of the month is a kitty charity - how fitting! Want to support animal charity? Click the picture below to go to my Etsy shop and buy this album!)

I really like this envelope album style because it sits so nicely flat.  (My first one was a love themed envelope mini album.) On this one, I reinforced the spine with Tyvek, which is a very thin plastic-like material that is water resistant and tear resistant. The spine allows for a small amount of expansion to accommodate filling the pages with photos. The album pages are made with business reply envelopes, which allow for 4 x 6 inch pages. So, the photo mats are a little bit smaller than a standard 4x6 inch photograph.

In the preceding picture, you can see the small sized die cut cat.

All the inside pages are the same: Two pockets on the left - one larger tag and a smaller tag (for most pages); one large space on the right with a pocket for a double-sided photo mat. All-in, there are a total of 48 spots of various sizes for photos or stories.

The tags are a great size for a wallet photo (2 x 3 inches) and they are all blank on the back for writing down the photo's story, or facts and thoughts about the photo's subject.

I wanted to show you my fish die cut too.  I made it some time ago, but I found it fitting for this album.
 If you would like to see the WHOLE album, you can watch the mini album flip through on my Vimeo channel.

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  1. Such a cute card, love your die cut :)
    Fun colour combinations on your mini album and cute fishy die cut.


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